Here is an applet which demonstrates the principles of the z-buffer algorithm

Follow the steps to create the result of superposition of the segments

  • Modify the transparency of the segments with the sliders on the left.
  • Move the segments by drag-dropping their ends.
  • Fill the initial z-buffer with the button "remplir le z-buffer".
  • Fill the transparent z-buffer with the button "remplir le z-buffer transparent".
  • Computes the superposition of the two z-buffer with the button "mettre a jour le z-buffer".
  • Repeat the two last steps until all the points have been taken in account. The result which must be displayed on screen is in the top z-buffer.


All those developments are released under Cecill licence.

The project Forms Generator is available on a svn, contact me for more information. In the future, a project might be created on sourceforge.

Projects svg 3d, XSD to RelaxNG converter, javascript SAX parser, javascript RelaxNG validator, javascript datatype library are published on Google code. Project javascript SAX parser is also published on Github.


In order to have javascript working as expected, please use last version of firefox.

For the applets, you will need to have java installed on your computer.